DoggyHairNet™ calms and relaxes some dogs that are excessively hyper with high anixety!

DoggyHairNets™ are made of a light mesh net material that allows the dogs great comfort and mobility, as it safely captures the shedding hair. DoggyHairNets™ give you total control over shedding hair. You can dress your friend in a DoggyHairNets™ for as long as you want. Because of the light mesh fabric, DoggyHairNets™ can be worn comfortably and safely for hours on hours.There is no limit …it’s all up to you! AND… DoggyHairNet™ helps protect your dog against fleas, ticks, and grass allergies!


How DoggyHairNets™ work!

DoggyHairNet™ captures the shedding hair in the fabric. All you have to do is lightly shake the captured unwanted shedding hair off into a trash bag or where ever you wish…’re in CHARGE!


Cleaning Your DoggyHairNet™ !

We recommend that you wash your DoggyHairNet™ in warm water and allow to hang dry.


DoggyHairNets™ are great for after grooming!

Put DoggyHairNet™ on right after grooming….and your little friend will keep that beautiful ‘just groomed’ look longer! DoggyHairNet™ could save you on your grooming expenses by extending the life of the grooming! That means less trips to groomer!


DoggyHairNet™ helps to keep hair from matting!

Pets whose coats have mats (Thick mass of knotted hair ) generally need to be shaved or trimmed very short, they are nearly impossible to brush out. They can also cause large raw patches on your pet due to moisture being trapped which allows bacteria to grow. De-Matting can be very time consuming and painful for the pet. Use DoggyHairNets™ to help keep hair from matting.

DoggyHairNets™ are easy to put on. Simply put the back feet in first. Then zip the zipper up just enough to keep the DoggyHairNet™ from sliding down. Now put the two front feet in and zip it completely up. That’s it!